Taking 2024 Reservations

We are open to assist you in making your reservation for 2024. Please contact us by email resort.ardagh@gmail.com or by calling toll free at 1-866-801-3567. We look forward to hearing from you.

Spring and Fall(Please contact us to confirm)

  Weekends and mid-week specials are available for May,early June, September and October!

Summer 2024 weekly availability(as of Jun 5th 2024)

June 22-28 week: Oak,Sumach,Log,Cedar,Ash,Spruce
June 29- July 05 week: Pine,Maple,Birch,Cedar, Ash,Spruce
July 20-26 week: Spruce,Birch
July 27-Aug 02 week: Ash
Aug 03-09 week: Spruce,Juniper,Cedar
Aug 17-23 week: Oak,Sumach,Spruce,Ash
Aug 24-30 week: Oak,Spruce,Ash,Maple,Birch,Juniper
Aug 31-Sept 06 week: Oak,Sumach,Pine,Spruce,Ash,Juniper,Cedar

We look forward to meeting all our returning and new guests this season.

Fun time at Ardagh cottage Resort

Please email us your pictures if you want them posted!

Old pictures

Doug's 20inc sm mouth - catch and release

Tony and Joe's walleye - May long weekend

Ohio boys with a nice stringer!!

Rick's walleye

Lovesick Lake

Dwaine's Walleye

Way to go Sean!

Kyle's Crappie

rick's muskie

Jimmy's Bass

Mike's Muskie caught off the dock!!

Ron's Muskie caught in July

Nick, Doug, Mike and Pete Walleye opening 2013

Dwaine and Rick May Long Weekend 2013
Doug Scott May Long Weekend 2013



Joe Enright May Long Weekend

Jerry's Muskie caught late October


Barb's Walleye! June 2012

Bob's Bass June 2012

Rick and Dwaine May 2012




A cute sunfish!

Boys fishing off the dock.

A cute perch!